How to Apply

How to Apply

Become a member

Want to join the Charlevoix Yacht Club?  We welcome your inquiry.  

The Charlevoix Yacht Club does not discriminate against any person’s application for membership, election to office within the Club, or any activity under the control of or sponsored by the Club on account of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical limitations.

We are currently accepting a limited number of new full memberships each month.  Please let us know of your interest by completing our membership inquiry form.  

Once your inquiry is received

When our membership committee receives your inquiry, we will contact you with more information and a link to download an individualized PDF file of an application package for a full membership at Associate, Club, or Sustaining levels. Crew Limited upgrades to full, applications for any levels Under Age 30, and past members rejoining if now Over Age 80 may be expedited for review.

Sponsorship information

To join the club at the full membership levels you will need a Sponsor who is a current full member in good standing and has been a full member for at least the two prior years.  The same application documents and Sponsor letter are required for the Associate, Club, and Sustaining levels.  If you do not know a member of the club who can sponsor you, note that in your inquiry, and our membership committee will endeavor to make introductions. 

Detailed full membership instructions for applicants and sponsors

It is requested that the New Membership Application form for Associate, Club, and Sustaining levels be submitted along with the Sponsor Interview Questionnaire form and a Sponsor Letter.  The proper dues payment, and a one-time Initiation Fee (if age 30 and over) will be collected later during the review process.  The Sponsor Interview Questionnaire is to be completed jointly (in person, or by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.) during an interview between all the applicant(s) and the Sponsor.  The Application, Sponsor Interview Questionnaire, and Sponsor Letter must be signed and dated (ink or digitally) by the applicant(s) and the Sponsor and be submitted together at one time.  The sponsoring member(s) should be in good standing for the past two years.  Co-sponsoring letters by any additional members may be beneficial.  By signing the Questionnaire, and explaining their relationship in a Sponsor Letter, the Sponsor affirms endorsement of the applicant(s) as becoming contributing members to the credit of the CYC to achieve its mission and commits to being their guide for the next year or two.  Moreover, the Questionnaire and Letter are intended to provide the Membership Committee and ultimately the Board with enough subjective qualitative information to determine if the applicant(s) have desirable attitudes to maintain the yacht club's boating culture and to achieve the CYC's objectives, goals, and mission.  Also, these will define the applicants' skills and eagerness to contribute to the Club's various activities, and that their Sponsor will be their guide.  The Sponsor Letter may elaborate on the duration and details of their boating relationships. 

Submit your application

When you have completed your application package, you may upload that and your sponsor letter to the website, at the location provided with your application. Once we receive your application documents, we review them for completeness and begin phone discussions via the Membership Committee.  The Committee typically discusses interests and Club opportunities with the applicants.  The Committee and Board typically process a few applications per month.  It may take two or three months to complete the application process from your initial inquiry to acceptance by the Board, and that will vary monthly depending on demand for memberships.  Prospective members who quickly return their completed individual application packages with their application and questionnaire authentically signed by all applicants (ink or digital), and a genuine Sponsor letter, will expedite our review.  Sponsor letters endorse the applicants and commit to being their guide for a year or two.

If you have any questions, please email: 

We appreciate your interest in the Charlevoix Yacht Club.